Soraya Fewquandie-Scott, Dance

Soraya Fewquandie-Scott is a Gubbi Gubbi/Ugarapul woman who found her passion for dance when she was just 5 years old. Classically trained in some of the most respected studios throughout the Sunshine Coast, Soraya has competed in various competitions across Southern Queensland, achieving countless awards and recognition as well as scholarships. She is skilled across many dance styles including Lyrical, Jazz and her strongest style – Contemporary. Soraya is a well-respected and recognised member of the Indigenous community and has performed Indigenous contemporary inspired piece’s at BooinGari Festival and Dawn Awakening Ceremony. She has also featured in the government funded Domestic Violence production “The Voice in Me” bringing awareness to Culturalabuse and featuring in a piece called Faith, (support of healing through Faith). Soraya has recently been accepted into ACPA – Aboriginal Centre of Performing Arts, helping mentor other students in dance and further expand her skills as a performer. Soraya has shared the stage with renowned performers such as songman Djakaurra Munyarryun and singer songwriter Andrea Kirwin, as well as Gubbi Gubbi Indigenous leaders Lyndon Davis and Brent Miller and local Indigenous dancers the Gubbi Gubbi troupe.

Soraya strives to use her talents and abilities to bring cultural awareness through the art of dance, sharing stories through creative movement.