Therese Milanovic, Piano

Therese is a passionate performer, educator, and musicians’ health advocate. After a decade of playing-related injuries, studying the Taubman Approach (USA) enabled her to resume her chosen pathway to the fullest. Therese was the first Australian to become a Taubman Instructor (2009), the focus of her PhD, and is the most experienced Taubman teacher in Australia (Master Level and Associate Faculty with the Golandsky Institute (USA). She is an advocate for musicians’ injury prevention and rehabilitation, providing access for curious interstate and international students through online and Coach on Demand consultations, alongside workshops, teacher training and lectures. Therese has been a Keynote Speaker for numerous national conferences, and continues her ongoing learning and artistic development through continued online study with Edna Golandsky and John Bloomfield. As a performer, Therese loves collaborating with like-minded musicians. She has performed with Topology since 2009, including shows in the Netherlands, NYC, Belgium, and Indonesia, national tours and festivals. Chamber music is also close to her heart, presenting events to highlight lesser-known repertoire, in particular new music and music by women. Otherwise, Therese plays turtles and garbage trucks with her son and attempts (unsuccessfully) to sneak vegetables in his meals.